detox for drug test

Pass your drug test do not get busted

Getting drug tested is a real pain in the ass. To be honest I don’t know why are we still subjected to drug test if weed is already legal in California. I think this whole drug testing bullshit should be stopped for good. I think you already know that even if its legal, if you fail the test you can say goodbye to your job. This is why I decided to post a few articles about drug tests and how to pass them.

What are the most common drug tests

drug test stripsThe most common drug test as you robably know is the urine drug test, you will be urine tested in most cases.

There are also hair drug test, saliva and blood. Hair, saliva and blood are rare.

Hair drug test is the hardest to pass, it requires a lot of preparation and detox shampoos are damn expensive. The best drug detox shampoo costs 235 and its called Aloe rid.

Cleaning your hair of toxins requires another detox shampoo called Ultra clean and a reglular shampoo (Clean and clear pink.), white vinegar and baking soda.

We will discuss hair drug testing in the next article.

Blood Drug test

Blood drug tests are relatively easy to pass because drug metabolites leave your blood within a few days. If you have an upcoming blood drug test, then I recommend Toxin Rid detox pills. They will clean your urine, blood and saliva within a few days completely. Its real detox, not just masking. Unfortunately doesn’t work for hair drug tests.

Saliva drug test

Saliva drug test is even easier. If you wait a few days you will be clean without doing anything. If you have an upcoming saliva drug test, then wash your teeth and gum a couple of times, and flush your mouth with Listerine and you are good to go. There are some special saliva detox products, but I dont recomemend them unless its an SOS situation. If you need to get clean within an hour or even within a few minutes then Oral clear detox gum or Toxin Wash mouth wash will do the job. These products start taking effect within 30 seconds! And keep your saliva clean for the next 30 minutes.

How to pass a urine drug test – The most common drug test

detox for drug testUrine drug test is relatively easy to pass because there are tons of cleansing products and synthetic urine available, not to mention home remedies for drug test ( NOT recommended). However the sad news is marijuana stays in your system quite long, much longer than any other drugs. THC can be present in your urine even after 30 days of your last use. The best and easiest way to pass a urine drug test is synthetic urine.

Synthetic urine works very well if your test is unsupervised. Just heat it up to the right temperature, smugle it into the esting facility, submit the fake urine sample and if the temperature is right and you choosed the best synthetic urine, then you will pass it guaranteed.

If its supervised test which is quite rare then detox drinks for drug test are the best choice, A good quality detox drink starts from 40$and goes up to 70$.

There are many low quality, not recommended brands a handful of good ones. We will discuss detox drinks, synthetic urine and other detox products in my next article.

Last option to pass a test is detox pills. I have mentioned Toxin Rid already,its cleans your body fluids within a few days, your body type, smoking habits and metablism also plays a big role in this, so it might work within a few days for some, but for others it can be 10 days or even more. Usually after 5 days you are clean, unless you are a hardcore smoker. Toxin Rid costs more than other detox products,but it really cleanse you, it not just masking. If for some reasons you want to get clean and not just pass the test, then detox pills are the way to go.