Ferndale Residents Still Frustrated Over Medical Marijuana Raids

As the lawsuits pile up in the wake of the recent raids on Medical Marijuana facilities in Oakland County this weekend, including the raid at the Clinical Relief facility on Hilton Road in Ferndale, the city of Ferndale has placed a six month moratorium on issuing any new licenses within the city limits.

As the citizens of Ferndale, the majority of which voted to allow for Medical Marijuana, became very confused over the recent actions of Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard’s raids, many legal Ferndale patients that visit the Ferndale facility are being left without medicine to improve their living conditions.

Ferndale Residents

The biggest question Ferndale residents have is why these raids took place in Ferndale without any charges being assessed to the owner of the Clinical Relief facility? If you would like more clarification on why armed raids by a narcotics task force was conducted on a legal medical marijuana facility in your neighborhood by Sheriff Mike Bouchard, you can contact his office at the following number 248.858.4911.

Would Ferndale Residents Use Medical Marijuana?

The opening of medical marijuana facilities in Ferndale is one of the hot topics around town. Proponents and opponents of the Ferndale medical marijuana facilities have been filling the conversations with their views all over town. I took an opportunity to ask many residents of Ferndale one simple question. “If your doctor prescribed medical marijuana for you, would you take it?”

Out of the 100 residents that I asked, 31 said that they would, while 69 said that they would not. It should be noted that out of the 100 residents, I tried to use the listed city demographics as my guide as to the percentage of each type of group I should ask this question to. Surprisingly, more men answered, “yes,” then, “no,” while very few women answered, “yes.”

Ferndale Group Orgainizing Question Bombardment of Ferndale City Council

There is a group of Ferndale residents that are planning on attending every upcoming Ferndale City Council meeting over the next few months to bombard the Council with questions about the medical marijuana facilities that are being planned for the city. I spoke to a representative from the group (which is currently unnamed).

Richard Gefler stated that he, and the rest of his group, believe that the Ferndale City Council has not been forthcoming with enough information about how they are going to regulate the medical marijuana facilities in Ferndale. He stated that the residents that are standing with him want to know how the city is going to monitor these medical marijuana facilities, and how they are going to make sure that no illegal activities take place. More information will be provided here as it becomes available.