420 Meaning Defines Pot and Tragedy

The 420 meaning means many things to many people. Most see the 420 meaning as a symbol for National Weed Day. There is still debate on how this day, and these numbers, became symbols for pot however. But no matter how it happened, today is a landmark in pot culture, and thousands will be lighting up in honor of it. Yet today isn’t just about marijuana and having fun – far from it for some. In fact, thanks to certain violent acts, and infamous people, the 420 meaning is quite different for others.

Even before National Weed Day, April 20th was an infamous milestone. Today is Adolf Hitler’s birthday, which is only celebrated today by neo-Nazis. For the rest of the world, this date was the first stepping stone towards the horrors of WWII, most of which Hitler caused.

It took a few decades for the 420 meaning to change, due to pot smokers. The origins of how they made April 20th theirs is still in question, but it may trace to the early 70s. In 1971, five friends in San Rafael High School allegedly came to the Point Reyes forest, to find a marijuana crop a Coast Guard member left behind.

the meaning of 420

The ‘Waldos’ went out at 4:20, and then supposedly used the numbers as a code word for pot. Although this may not have happened on April 20th, the code came to define the culture. Now the 420 meaning has become a code for National Weed Day, held every April 20th. As such, the Waldos’ code is now no longer hard to break.

To smokers and pro-pot activists, the 420 meaning is to honor pot, and to protest how authorities have demonized it. They may regard marijuana arrests as a tragedy – but it isn’t the real tragedy of the day.

Until 1999, the most infamy around April 20th was that it was Hitler’s birthday. That changed with the Columbine massacre, which happened 11 years ago today. Although the subculture regards this as a day about pot, much of America associates today with Columbine.

Today’s Columbine memories come right after the nation mourned the anniversaries of Waco and Oklahoma City. April 19th and 20th are two of the most infamous back-to-back days of the year, since so much violence happened on those dates. As such, it is a wonder that the 420 meaning of pot and getting high still defines April 20th for so many. For others, it is not a date to celebrate.

However, April 19th is also one of contradictions, since Boston has fun celebrating Patriots Day while others mourn Waco and Oklahoma City. Boston sees April 19th as the day the American Revolution started, in spite of the other tragedy attached to it. In that vein, pot smokers still see the 420 meaning as something good, in spite of other awful events on this date.

sheriff Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Continues to Ruffle DHS Feathers

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff of Maricopa County, Arizona, concluded Operation Desert Sky with the seizure of more than 6000 pounds of marijuana and the apprehension of 250 undocumented aliens according to a news release on May 12, 2011. The month long operation which finished on April 29, 2011, targeted the influx of illegal aliens and narcotics on the southern border of Maricopa County.
Arizona continues to be at the forefront of a large portion of discussions and disputes concerning illegal immigration. Lawsuits are filed at a frenzied pace and tempers flare. President Obama and Department of Homeland Security(DHS) Secretary Napolitano emphatically assert the enforcement of Immigration Laws is the responsibility of the Federal Government while Sheriff Arpaio and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer openly state the Federal Government is failing to adequately enforce the Immigration laws in direct contrast to the claims of President Obama’s Administration.

Joe Arpaio

Sheriff Arpaio, who is the target of an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), is undeterred in his relentless efforts to enforce Arizona State laws relating to aliens illegally in the United States. Governor Brewer butts heads with the administration on illegal immigration and, like Sheriff Arpaio, is a burr in their collective saddle. Investigations of Sheriff Arpaio by DHS linger yet both Sheriff Arpaio and Governor Brewer continue to be steadfast illegal immigration opponents.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a branch of the DHS and responsible for apprehending aliens illegally already within the United States. The U.S. Border Patrol, another component of DHS, is responsible for apprehending subjects crossing surreptitiously into the United States.

Sheriff Arpaio’s apprehension of 250 undocumented aliens and the seizure of more than 6000 pounds of marijuana during the month-long Operation Desert Sky in Maricopa County, which is NOT contiguous with the Mexican Border, is a slap in the face to both the U.S. Border Patrol and to ICE.

The month long operation suggests efforts by the Border Patrol are less than successful in their struggles to enforce the laws of the Federal Government relating to Immigration.

Recent news releases have indicated the U.S. Border Patrol is coaxing agents to ignore apprehensions because apprehensions indicate failure to deter illegal immigration. Sheriff Arpaio’s operations, resulting in such significant seizures, indicates the failure of the U.S. Border Patrol to adequately execute their duties.

The news release of this successful operation is more than a burr in President Obama’s saddle; it is truly closer to an infected sliver in DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano’s backside.

Sheriff Arpaio is not about to cower under scrutiny by the Obama Administration and his open opposition to the President is cheered by many across the United States.

Ferndale Residents Still Frustrated Over Medical Marijuana Raids

As the lawsuits pile up in the wake of the recent raids on Medical Marijuana facilities in Oakland County this weekend, including the raid at the Clinical Relief facility on Hilton Road in Ferndale, the city of Ferndale has placed a six month moratorium on issuing any new licenses within the city limits.

As the citizens of Ferndale, the majority of which voted to allow for Medical Marijuana, became very confused over the recent actions of Oakland County Sheriff Mike Bouchard’s raids, many legal Ferndale patients that visit the Ferndale facility are being left without medicine to improve their living conditions.

Ferndale Residents

The biggest question Ferndale residents have is why these raids took place in Ferndale without any charges being assessed to the owner of the Clinical Relief facility? If you would like more clarification on why armed raids by a narcotics task force was conducted on a legal medical marijuana facility in your neighborhood by Sheriff Mike Bouchard, you can contact his office at the following number 248.858.4911.

Would Ferndale Residents Use Medical Marijuana?

The opening of medical marijuana facilities in Ferndale is one of the hot topics around town. Proponents and opponents of the Ferndale medical marijuana facilities have been filling the conversations with their views all over town. I took an opportunity to ask many residents of Ferndale one simple question. “If your doctor prescribed medical marijuana for you, would you take it?”

Out of the 100 residents that I asked, 31 said that they would, while 69 said that they would not. It should be noted that out of the 100 residents, I tried to use the listed city demographics as my guide as to the percentage of each type of group I should ask this question to. Surprisingly, more men answered, “yes,” then, “no,” while very few women answered, “yes.”

Ferndale Group Orgainizing Question Bombardment of Ferndale City Council

There is a group of Ferndale residents that are planning on attending every upcoming Ferndale City Council meeting over the next few months to bombard the Council with questions about the medical marijuana facilities that are being planned for the city. I spoke to a representative from the group (which is currently unnamed).

Richard Gefler stated that he, and the rest of his group, believe that the Ferndale City Council has not been forthcoming with enough information about how they are going to regulate the medical marijuana facilities in Ferndale. He stated that the residents that are standing with him want to know how the city is going to monitor these medical marijuana facilities, and how they are going to make sure that no illegal activities take place. More information will be provided here as it becomes available.

Psychiatric Study: Marijuana Treatment for Psychosis

A recent study in the Archives of General Psychiatry was created in an effort to prove the hypothesis that marijuana may cause an early onset of psychosis. While the data did show that the use of cannabis was connected with those who experienced psychosis, there is no real way to estimate when the psychosis actually began or if the use of marijuana had an impact on the timing of the psychosis.

The one thing this particular study did accomplish was to promote the school of thought that psychiatry is not a true science, but is instead a matter of guess work and manipulation of social values. Researchers basically took a list of people who had psychosis, then compared them to see who used marijuana. The numbers showed that people who used cannabis experienced psychosis approximately 2 years before those that didn’t.

Researchers then assumed that the cannabis had a causal relationship with psychosis. The fact that no other variables were considered, such as demographics, previous mental health problems and an entire spectrum of other variables simply means that no causal relationship was proved. Yet the researchers involved offer that there is a causal relationship and that the world needs to be warned of these “proven” dangers of marijuana.

Let’s look at some of the facts. Further, let’s hope that the psychiatric community begins to look at some facts along with us.

Timing is unpredictable. Unless there is a genetic disposition or a direct cause, such as is the case in alcohol induced psychosis, psychiatric professionals really have no idea what causes psychosis, much less have the ability to predict the onset of psychosis. If you cannot predict the onset then it stands to reason that you can’t predict if the onset was any earlier than usual for any reason, much less because of one specific herb.

Marijuana may have preventative qualities. Since there is no way to predict the potential age of the onset of psychosis, it’s even possible that those who use cannabis may have actually held off the psychosis through the use of cannabis. After all, there is no evidence to the contrary. Psychotic features are actually common in several mental health disorders. It’s no secret that stress levels often play a role in psychotic breaks. Since marijuana is often used as a stress reducer, it would not be impossible for it to help in the prevention of psychosis.

Cannabis may be used for self medication. The study does actually briefly mention that marijuana may actually be in use by those with psychosis as a way for them to cope with the onset of psychosis. This makes the conclusions of the study even more bizarre since the possibility of the use of cannabis to self medicate for psychotic features would indicate that the marijuana use followed the onset of the psychosis and would therefore have no responsibility for the onset of the psychosis.

Obviously more research needs to be done. There’s no need to make up things about marijuana. That card has been played to death. The hard truth is that cannabis may very well be useful in quelling the stress that can lead to psychosis. In fact, since cannabis is not physically addictive, it could easily eliminate some of the thousands of deaths caused by prescription drugs every year. It’s use could also eliminate some of the side effects that prescription drugs cause and which need to be treated with other addictive prescription drugs.

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